September Garden

Harvest continues…

Tomatoes, carrots, swiss chard, peppers still to put up.

Herbs to dry.

September garden.

6 thoughts on “September Garden

  1. I don’t have space on our mostly shaded lot in town for a garden. But I do pot tomatoes and this year, also two potatoes and basil and oregano, along with lettuce in the soil. I wonder why I’ve never planted herbs prior to this year. I love, love, love, and use my basil, especially, all the time.

    You must be extremely busy bringing in the harvest.

  2. Many herbs work wonderful in pots, but I do recommend putting them in separate pots, not combined together like you see garden centers promoting or magazines showing…use them a lot or just keep them trimmed back…then they don’t get leggy and produce nice healthy, tender leaves to use.
    Oh, my how I love herbs and could chat all morning about them!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Audrey.

  3. In my favorite daydreams, I have a big, shady screen house for drying herbs, flowers, garlic, and onions…and a bench to sit on and breathe them in 🙂
    If you don’t hear from me next week, I might have drowned under a pile of green beans. I’m getting a half-bushel every few days!

    1. Years ago I used to visit a sale in the Fall, that was held in a couple of old farm buildings….one of the buildings she hung all her herbs, and flowers to dry from the rafters, and I remember the scent was heavenly–not to mention the sight! The greenhouse is to bright and to hot with all the glass–I need a little farm shed to do my drying….on my wish list!
      Happy bean picking!

    1. I used to just air dry my herbs, but started using the dehydrator last year…makes it faster and they retain a nice color.
      I found some cute jars this Summer that I’m going to use for storing them.
      Happy harvesting!

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