The Sampler Platter

And this is why I grow heirloom tomatoes!

And for us, you can’t beat the flavor!

29 thoughts on “The Sampler Platter

    1. This year, I got really carried away! 40!! Saving seeds so watch for a little seed give away “contest” this Winter! Thank you so much for visiting my little garden blog and your lovely comment!

    1. Lot’s and lot’s, but I’m slow roasting them with olive oil and herbs and freezing them….will make lot’s of pasta sauce, chili, soups, etc. this Winter!
      and my son has been eating salsa 3 meals a day!

      1. I have plain sauce cooking in the crock pot all day, nearly every day. I have help coming tomorrow to watch the little one (and a ton of rain in the forecast) so I’ll be canning it then!

  1. You have the eye Stacey. I love the simplicity of this photo. And I’m beyond impressed by the number of heirloom tomatoes you’ve grown. Wow. I had no idea tomatoes could come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. I am most definitely learning a lot from you.

    1. Claire, thank you for the kind link… was sure a tough year in the garden for many people…If I had not had the pressure of the pending Country Gardens magazine visit…I may have given into the heat and drought!

    1. I agree, they took forever to start to ripen….I do think the extreme heat was such a factor also–when evening temps only cooled to 80 degrees–the tomatoes just didn’t have the conditions needed to ripen. Do you have some favorite varieties? I’m always asking for recommendations! This year my favorite was Creme Brule’– really tasty, perfect size and it was an early one.

      1. I grew that same one two years ago and I agree that it was tasty. It took longer to ripen here though. But, my favorite of all time was one I had no name for. An old, like 90, farmer grew them forever and did not know what they were called. Everything about that tomato was perfect, from size, skin and meat texture, sweetness, everything. I only kick myself for not saving the seeds. The guy died the next year.

  2. Marvellous! I wish the larger heirloom varieties would set (and be happy) in our heat. I’ve often thought to plant them out in January and take my chances just in case I get one beautiful old giant.

    1. I think the Fish Emulsion really did wonders, light feedings every week….but there was no more motivation then having a magazine come photograph your garden! Except they were here right before the tomatoes starting ripening!
      and thank you for your very kind comment! So glad to have gardening friends! Stacey

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