Woodland walk

24 days of Merry

Just for fun!

Little hand felted mushrooms with painted twig stems;

sprouting out from the new fallen snow.

Wooly Winter mushrooms!
Wooly Winter mushrooms!

10 thoughts on “Woodland walk

    1. I did make these–I will try to do a “diy” next week.
      But you sure can find many directions for felting wool on the web.
      I saw some felted mushrooms in a catalog, and wanted something a wee bit different, and cheaper. Natural with a Dr Seuss twist!

    1. Oh, thank you for enjoying them Audrey. I almost didn’t even post this image. I made several….some are going on Christmas packages. I have little clusters in “snow” under my cloche’ jars.
      Quite easy to do, once you get the trick of felting wool. I will try to do a “diy”
      next week. But there are many tutorials on the internet.
      I wanted a natural, fun look…and easy..so I used twigs for the stems.
      You will see these again come Spring!

    1. Thank you so much for “getting it”! I will try to show a quick “diy” next week,
      but you sure can find lots of tutorials on felting wool on the internet.
      Very easy, once you have the technique down. I thought the twig stems were cute and made them ”natural, but Dr Seuss like?!
      They make cut package toppers, and even cute hanging on the tree if you add a hanger.
      Have a great weekend!

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