A new garden apron

I wanted a new garden apron for working in the greenhouse.

I like these plain canvas carpenter aprons.
I like these plain canvas carpenter aprons.

I needed a couple of extra pockets and a place to keep a pencil for marking plant tags.

So I found a scrap of brown linen and sewed a rectangle of fabric onto the the front of the apron.

Nothing fancy here folks, no measuring–just eyeball it!

Now, I have plenty of pockets!

All set to get dirty in the greenhouse and garden!
All set to get dirty in the greenhouse and garden!

Those sweet seed packets were designed by my daughter Laura!

15 thoughts on “A new garden apron

    1. Keep on eye out! Working on a little post and photo–shoot. Packaging up my saved seeds in those sweet seed packets. Laura is a Graphics Communications student at SCC. I have lots of ideas for that girl!

  1. Love that you said “just eyeball it” 🙂
    Last week I shopped for Maggie’s birthday and bought 4 articles of clothing, in various sizes from 4 thru 10…she’s a size 6) I saw her skeptically look at the size tags when she opened her presents Well! When she tried everything on, each fit PERFECTLY! “How can that be?” she asked? I told her I never rely on sizing tags, because an 8 in one store is a 10 somewhere else, yadda yadda…Actually, my exact phrase was “I always eyeball things when I shop for clothes!” (sorry this got so long!)

    anyhow….can’t wait for further info on the seed packets!

  2. I’m on this. I get tired of scrounging around in my dirty coat pockets – although I won’t be wearing one in the summer (for about 6 weeks probably around here!).
    My first greenhouse blooper was marking my starts tags with a white board pen that I thought was a sharpie. Fortunately I figured it out before starting 12 varieties of tomatoes! cheers….wendy

    1. Wendy, I too used the wrong pen on my tags a couple of years ago….when the wood tags were wet, I couldn’t read them…had to dry them out in order to read the variety!
      And not matter what, I always seem to have a mystery flat or two of something! Makes it interesting!
      I’m sure we will both look adorable in our aprons!

  3. How practial, like Wendy I’m always looking for my pencil, secateurs etc etc. I did think of buying myself some overallls as an answer to grubby knees and needing pockets, but I’m loving your apron!

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