Seeds From Me

Seeds From Me

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  1. I garden because it’s relaxing, and because fresh veggies taste so much better than ones from the store.

  2. I don’t have space for a “real garden” on my smallish lot. So my “garden” is limited to mostly a few potted tomatoes and herbs and then lettuce. I love the fresh taste of tomatoes. You just cannot beat fresh tomatoes.

    I also plant lots of flowers, zinnnias among them. My mom always planted these and I love them because they are easy to grow from seed and are also colorful and make great cut flowers. Wonderful memories.

  3. Man’s first job was to tend a beautiful garden..I think God knows how much pleasure it gives us! I garden not only for utility, but’s always fun to come out in the morning and see what’s new. Won’t be long now, spring in two weeks!! Love those seed professional, way better than Smith & Hawkens. them!

  4. Is it crazy to say I feel driven to garden? For as long back as I can recall, I’ve been fascinated by dirt and digging. Even as a wicked small kid I’d spend hours sifting through holes I’d dug in the yard, inspecting little roots and blades of grass, comparing weeds one to another, arranging little rocks to make “garden walls” etc. Of course when I got older, the whole world of planting seeds opened before me, and I’ve never looked back! Just now, I came in from inspecting sprouting seeds and checking for signs of germination in the flats I started last week.

  5. One tip I figured out last year was to keep my geraniums in a full saucer of water all summer long. I thought they would get too much water and yellow leaves, but no..dark green leaves, lots of flowers.. I have never been able to keep my geraniums looking good until I did this..and even through weeks of 100 degree weather. It is the only way I will ever grow them from now on!

  6. I began gardening to have color around my home and to have enough of the fresh foods my children enjoyed to save money. Then it became more important to me to have organic foods as my taste buds learned to tell the difference between the store bought and fresh grown. Along the way I learned to love the process of being outside playing in the dirt and watching my food grow.

  7. I loved gardening to get free outdoor exercise, beautify our lives and make a home for butterflies and birdies to enjoy. As you know, I’m currently in a condo but look forward to bringing a splash of colour to our entryway with containers. Since container combinations are only limited by one’s imagination, I think it’ll still be a fun garden fix for now.

  8. Most of my gardening is done at my son’s school. I love the reaction of the students as they plant seeds and watch the grow. They learn how to grow food and are eager to eat it and share with their families.

  9. I garden to provide wonderful foods for my family, to relax, and to maintain my sanity. With five children – what started out as a necessity has now become a passion. The garden is perfect no matter what else is going on in life. When things get crazy there is no better place to hide, to feel the sun on my shoulders, and to just let the warm dirt fall between my fingers. When I am happy I can sing to the plants and they appreciate it. When I’ve had a rough day the garden sings to me with all its beauty. When I am upset just let me at those weeds. To garden is a blessing… some days alot of work… but every day it returns to me more than it ever takes.

  10. I enjoy just sitting in my mom’s garden, or what she calls “Garden Club”. A well deserved quiet space after raising 5 children. I eat her tomatoes too. Nothing beats them. Thanks mom 🙂

  11. I love your little seed packets! I’ve never seen any quite like it. I garden because I love to beautify my environment. There is something in me that screams to be a farmer, regardless of where I live. I garden because I just have to! 🙂

  12. I garden for the shear delight of all the wonderful colors that my flower gardens give and the best tasting tomatoes that you can never buy in a store.

  13. What a beautiful idea….. Seeds are so important……. and While I love gardening and we grow our own vegetables upon our allotment plot, because we love fresh veg and just love growing and giving away our produce to family and friendsas well as connecting with Mother Earth. Its also about knowing what you are eating these days.. I will decline from you very kind offer of seed competition though,
    I came to your Blog post via Livingsimplyfree’s link..
    Keep Growing and spreading your seeds of knowledge also 🙂 Many thanks

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