Rural Practicality


Seed saving and junk mail!

Recently I noticed that the inside of junk mail envelopes have lovely patterns.

Instead of tossing them into the trash you can turn them into envelopes for your seeds.

Use an existing envelope for a pattern or draw your own pattern with a ruler.

Fold the seed packet and glue the center and bottom closed.

Fill the packet with seeds, label and share with all your garden friends.

Seed Saving

Gathering all the saved seeds and storing them for next Spring.

Canning jars work great for keeping seeds save and dry.

Find a cool spot to place them until planting time.

Label and date so you use the oldest seeds first.

Sometimes I’m lazy about that part!

Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom
Dwarf Grey Peas-Heirloom

Seed storage

Seed storage

We had our first official frost last night in the garden.
The cold is a wake up call to move at a faster pace around the garden.
I still have so much to do before the garden is put to bed.
Today I will organize my heirloom tomato seeds, while I wait for the temperature to warm a bit.
I have considered offering some of my favorite Heirloom Tomato seeds on my Etsy shop.
Would love some feedback from all of my garden friends–