“Sitting quietly, doing nothing.

Spring comes and the grass grows, by itself”.

Basho Matsuo

Cilantro, here we go

Cilantro, here we go

When the cilantro goes to seed, it becomes coriander.
I filled my spice jars for the Winter. How wonderful to see my spice cupboard stocked with many of my own herbs and spices.
The remainder of the seeds were packaged for planting this years garden.
The first round of pots are in the warm greenhouse….
Cilantro tends to bolt quickly, so I will be starting more in a couple of weeks.
My goal is to have Cilantro for most of the Summer.
After all, Summer and salsa go together quite nicely.

Seeds for sale!

Seeds for sale!

Gardening has always been about sharing for me.
Sharing tips, tricks, plants and now offering my carefully saved seeds through my little Etsy store.
Costoluto Genovese is the Heirloom to grow for your sauces!
Intense flavor with a high acid content for canning.
Very heavy producer in my garden, even through the hot Summer days.
My plants are carefully started in the little greenhouse, then planted in my 100 % chemical free kitchen garden.
Pop into the store and take a look around!