Questions from Rosie

Questions from Rosie

So you get to dig in the garden, but I can’t?

22 thoughts on “Questions from Rosie

  1. I’m in love! Maybe a special spot where you plant treats but no flowers or veggies? Buddy used to burry his cookies for later and come to the door to get another one, LOL

    1. Yes, this one has me! Her sweet face, floppy body, and casual personality….she is something!
      Yesterday, she and Otto left the farm (unauthorized!), we think they followed out the car when we ran to town….found them both running in the fields and wet ditches about 2 miles from our property when we returned! After we got them home–Rosie got put on “the chain” for about 30 min. You should have seen her, sitting at the very end of the chain, wet, muddy and very sorry!

      1. Oh no! You must have been so worried to know she’d left the property. One of our old neighbours had burry’d perimeter dog fencing and their dog had a beeper on her collar. I’m sure she looked pathetic there and hopefully will stay in the yard. Apparently, you can add a GPS tag that works on your phone now too. It’s the worst fear, to lose a pet.

    2. Thank you, thank you….I did a quick search on gps tags and apps and have all ready ordered Rosie, Otto, and Cricket tags! Very affordable and hopefully will never need to use them!
      I guess it’s true, there is an app for everything!
      Hugs garden friend.

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