Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs

The garden yielded some tasty, fresh Herbs today.
Sage, Tarragon, Thyme, Garlic Chives and Lovage.
The base for a pot of soup for dinner!

11 thoughts on “Fresh Herbs

    1. The Perennial Herbs are coming along, although the Oregano did not come back after 4 years. Everything is cold and needs some Sun! Last year I had big, beautiful Peonies blooming…they are barely out of the ground 15″.

    1. The first thing I planted out here was Herbs!
      I once wanted to buy a house, (when we were house hunting) because it had an amazing Herb garden in the yard! My husband had to make me come to my senses!!!

      1. LOL…. I can see how much Love you put into your garden… and our gardens become part of us as we plant our hearts and souls into the ground along with each plant we tend.. 🙂

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