Dogs Rule

Cousins, critters and fun in the garden this weekend.

Amy Weichert captured this sweet image of Rosie!

Cousins are cool!
Cousins are cool!



1 year ago, I went to pick out a new puppy for our family.
Rosie was the first I picked up from the piles of puppies at my feet. I held a few others, but I kept going back to the littlest one, that sat patiently near me.
I promised to give her a good home, and snuggled her into a blanket on the seat next to me.
She fell asleep for the drive home and I have loved this girl from that moment on.
She is quiet, playful, serious and a bit of a scaredy cat.
Rosie is ready for some warm Spring weather too!

Rosie in the garden

Rosie in the garden

Rosie is still growing!
The sweetest puppy, with such a serious face.
She spends lots of time with me in the garden and loves to stretch out and snooze in the warm sun.
She decided that the rain water collected in this flower pot is quite refreshing.