“Because you want more, you want more”!

I cut back on the number of Heirloom tomato plants this year, but I think I have room for just a couple more!

12 thoughts on ““Because you want more, you want more”!

  1. Beautiful selection! You are so adventurous. Wonder if there will be enough sun this year for a tomato harvest?

  2. Got mine in the ground Wednesday…most of them, anyway. I think I have about 16 this year, with a couple of seedlings left over in case the deer mow some down.
    I love that photo…can almost taste them!

    1. I thought I would lose a couple to wind yesterday! Luckily the fence helps break the wind.
      I did sneak mine in the ground pretty early (I knew I had back ups just in case), but found room for 2 more! Hope we both have bumper crops!

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