Have you tried Garlic Chives?

Have you tried Garlic Chives?

Garlic Chives are one of my favorite Herbs.
It grows in clumps just like regular Chives, but the leaves are flattened out.
It has a light garlic flavor, making it a great addition to your cooking flavors.
Easy to grow from seed, this Herb is a perennial and grows well in my Zone 4 garden.

13 thoughts on “Have you tried Garlic Chives?

  1. Each year when we make the first trip up to Maine after the snow has melted, the chives are the first thing up in the garden. I’ll have to find a little spot for some garlic chives.

  2. Love love them. They grew like weeds in my old garden, I was always giving clumps of them away. Our old cat would hang out around them near the catnip and really stink.

    1. My old garden also had lots of stray chives, but so far out here they have been behaving themselves…I think I’m better at picking the blossoms! They are so pretty in salads!
      Our kitties, and Rosie love all the Thyme growing…They like to lay right on top of it and nap.
      Aroma therapy!

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