Welcome October

Welcome October

I welcome the colors of Autumn to the garden.
This one blossom faded more quickly then the rest.
I thought the shades of brown were beautiful and rested it on a linen.
As the garden fades into Fall, welcome October.

9 thoughts on “Welcome October

    1. This made my day!
      I remember taking a class field trip when I was in elementary school…we were to bring a container to gather some treasures in, while we hiked the trails ( I had never been on a hike before–at least a walk that was called a hike). My dad fashioned me a little coffee can with a wire handle with a wood dowel to make the handle comfortable to hold. My teacher took notice of my cute bucket and brought me to the front of the class to show how clever my simple bucket was. I remember being so shy, but so proud of my homemade bucket.
      I hiked that day and collected “treasures” Pinecones, sticks, moss, stones…I make a natural collage’ and and really learned that nature was art to me…I knew I liked “hiking”!
      Thanks for stirring that memory…wish I still had the bucket!

      1. I was noticing in the last couple of days all the colors and realized that while after the dingy look from the end of winter I love the greens that grow back but it’s autumn I love the most, to your colors we have the vibrant reds of the maples here. While we work all summer to plant and tend our gardens it’s this time of the year that seems to give us back the most.

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