Sweet Rosie

Sweet Rosie

The yellow dog that melts my heart.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Rosie

  1. Smooooooch ! That’s at gentle but firm cyber kiss on Rosie’s sweet sleepy head. Whenever Buddy would sit for you, he’d give you a paw and I’d always kiss it like he was royalty. My hubby would grimace and say, “he walks on that”…..so I would smooch it a whole bunch then try and go kiss Mr B and he’d struggle and laugh…..hehe. What’s better than the sweet smell of doggy ? 😀

    1. Barbara,
      We have had pets all my life…but who knew this little yellow adopted puppy would still my heart like Rosie did.
      Well, we all love her. Just a gentle, sweet souled animal.
      I agree….labs are the best!
      Thank you for taking the time to visit the garden.

      1. I love your site and added it to my favorites list. Just looking at all of your pictures makes me wish spring was here. I work out of my house PT as a nurse and when I finished a bit ago, the first thing I did was check to see if you had added anything new today. I live in Missoula, Montana and we don’t have any snow at our place and it’s supposed to be 45 deg on Saturday so who knows, maybe I can find something to do outside. Once we get our acre deer proofed I plan on doing a large vegetable garden. I wish I didn’t have to do an 8 ft fence around an acre but there are just too many deer and every time I plant a new tree or shrub, I’m tired of having to surround it with fencing for years. My large flower garden is deer proofws with an 8 ft fence. So I can’t wait to be able to garden “outside of the box.” Don’t deer come into your garden and feast?

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