Holiday Tradition

Holiday Tradition

Paper Whites and Amaryllis bulbs bursting color into the cold, white landscape outside my window.

13 thoughts on “Holiday Tradition

      1. Thanks, same to you!
        I just finished the exquisite pleasure of providing the floral arrangements for a good friend’s Christmas party – nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas like fresh evergreens and flowers. I was a florist in my younger years – the holidays were always such a crush – so now I’m glad that I just get to putter for fun.

      2. Yes, the smell of pines and evergreens, the prick from Holly…I too was a floral designer for lots of years…even owned my own shop for a few years.
        So agree, it’s fun to play with flowers and such for friends and events.

      3. Oh, how cool is that? another thing we have in common! Ownership – wow – I quickly saw that that wasn’t for me. The owner is the one who stays up all night before major holidays and sweats the bottom line. Kudos for taking that on! 🙂

    1. I love Christmas Cactus…when I worked at Hilltop Florist in Mankato, the greenhouse grew them with the largest blossoms I had seen before….had forgotten about that!!!
      How special yours is going to bloom at Christmas, that is no easy task!
      Stay warm

  1. Pretty! Do you keep the bulb and regrow it next year? I’ve tried this and it has never worked for me yet some people tell me it’s possible and they do. I don’t know what the trick is.

    1. I don’t save my bulbs….I know….as frugal as I am….I should at least try…but it seems when I clean up from Christmas….I never have a great place to store them.
      They are usually the first purchase I make when I start thinking about Christmas.

      1. Greenland Garden Ctr just east of Edmonton on Hwy 16 sells all kinds and have a fab Christmas display of every colour of tree you can imagine. If you’re ever up this way in December, let me know and I’ll drive you out there. I didn’t get there this year because of the roads, but that’s were I like to get bundles of greens too.

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