Paper Whites

Paper Whites

The little star shaped blossoms sprouting from beautiful tall green stems.
When my kids were small we would measure them in the morning and at the end of the day.
They would grow sometimes as much as 3 inches in a day. They loved that little experiment.
Trying to slow down and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Paper Whites

  1. Do you grow them in soil or on rocks? I’ve done both but they seem to fall all over the place either way. They are so pretty though and I never knew that they grew that fast. I tried to time them to bloom at Christmas and kept them in a cool room until just before. I think I might be closer to ready. Tree up today and mantel decorated. Time for a glass of wine 😀

    1. That glass of wine sounds good! It’s been a hectic few days!
      I’m going to finish my Christmas touches tomorrow….a few gifts yet to buy…decide what to bake for cookies?…feeling the calendar click by.
      I do my paper whites in rocks and water. A tall clear cylinder is always pretty and lends support to those tall stems. Canning jars work perfect and I like them in my kitchen.
      Wrap a ribbon around the tall stems and that will usually keep them from falling over.
      I sure wish it would warm up…these cold temps are killing me!

      1. Thanks for those ideas Stacey. I’m with you on the weather. I just picked up my car from the auto body and drove home on the craziest roads and saw two accidents. It’s been snowing since yesterday and they say two more days. I am really nervous because it’s only mid December. Let’s move, LOL

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