The Break Room

The Break Room

Rabbit Run Cottage serves as the garden potting shed.

On the rainy weekend day’s I cleaned my little shed and my garden office is ready for this season.

The perfect view.

Details Of A Greenhouse


The little greenhouse was built by my husband 5 years ago.

Nearly all of the structure was built with recycled or reclaimed material–we are pretty proud of that.

The greenhouse is 10 X 10 ft square.

The greenhouse is wired and we heat or cool with electricity.

I use passive heating also–the greenhouse sits on a bed of sand, gravel and cement pavers.  Black buckets filled with water also sit under the benches.  All of these together–absorb heat during the day to help night temperatures.

There is maintenance with a wood structure.  Painting!  But it’s worth it!

If you want character in your garden landscape–you can’t get anything better!

When you live in zone 4, a greenhouse sure helps jumpstart your gardening.

As I sit here with a blizzard raging outside my window, I am counting the days till the greenhouse is warming and nurturing the next seasons plants.