No need…

No need...

to wipe your feet.
I have several pairs of garden boots.
Basic black, bright colors, high boots, short boots.
Come Summer time, I’m usually happy with my well worn Converse.

9 thoughts on “No need…

  1. I think I need to invest in some short boots. Squatting in my wellies tends to break down the sides faster than I’d like. But mostly I just abuse an old pair of running shoes.

    1. I have struggled with garden boots or garden footwear ever since my beloved leather Boggs clogs gave out! They don’t make them anymore!!! Everything is plastic, which doesn’t breathe. So when the heat of Summer comes on, I grab those Converse. My toes are protected and at least the canvas is cooler than plastic.

  2. Me too! My first pair of converse were from a garage sale for $2…their teen decided she didn’t like them. I used to live in rubber boots at the lake, best way to clean the beach hands down. Makes for funny tan lines though 😀

  3. After months of admiring your greenhouse I just today noticed the door handle. I love the simplicity of the tool now handle you used. It suits the building perfectly.

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