Basil Bliss

Basil Bliss

This was last years crop of Purple Basil growing beautifully in the warm greenhouse.
Basil will be just one of the many Herbs available for sale this Spring in my 4th Annual Sale.

9 thoughts on “Basil Bliss

  1. I’ve had a heck of a time growing basil from seed. It grows to about an inch tall, but very rarely to the strength and size of these guys. Any tricks on watering schedules or anything you’ve found helps?

    1. Agree, Basil can be fussy. Here’s what I have learned. Buy good, quality seed. Very warm germination temps. Keep soil damp during germination, don’t allow it to dry out. I start seeds right in a 3 — 5″ pot–doesn’t like to be transplanted till large enough to go to the garden. Try not to get water on the leaves, can lead to bad things! Basil likes it warm, it’s generally the last plant out of the greenhouse. When it’s growing fast outdoors, pinch, pinch, pinch…makes for a happy plant. 🙂

  2. Is this Basil pretty young or does it grow to regular size. I’m going to plant a ton of it when I can have a garden just because I love the smell. The purple would make a nice filler in-between annuals I think. Yellow Petunias and Purple Basils? That might look really awesome. Hey, you’re having a spring sale? In your yard or at a Farmer Market? Sounds great!

    1. The purple basil grows just as big and tall as the green basils. It does make a pretty addition to summer cut flowers, I do that quite often.
      Yes, I will have an “extra sale” in May, as the weather allows. I’ve done it for a couple of years now, to sell the extra I grow in the greenhouse. Some years I have lots, last year was not as much! This year I will probably do more again, with the attention the magazine has given me. It just helps the garden fund a little, and I enjoy visiting with the gardeners!
      I do go to the local Farmers Market sometimes…that’s fun too!

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