Winter on the garden

Winter on the garden

Blanket of white snow covering the greenhouse and garden.

7 thoughts on “Winter on the garden

  1. Stacey!!! Guess what? I found my copy of Country Gardens today and WHAT a beautiful job you did getting your wonderful garden ready for the story. I’m saving all the details for bedtime but I was so excited to open it up and tell Mr B all about you, your critters, the pond, your Greenhouse, every yummy bit. Congratulations again Stacey! I also noticed a who story about McCoy that I can’t wait to read because I’ve collected the pots for years (they’ve been in storage for over two years now).

    So you have a bit of snow there too I see. I might have asked you this before but, do you heat the greenhouse to start seeds? or have them on heat pads?

    1. Yeah! I’m so glad you found it! Our local big box store is sold out, but hopefully they will restock. It should be on the stands till March when the next issue comes out!
      I joke with people to pull it to the front of the racks whenever they see them!!!
      Yes, those McCoy’s are so lovely….I used to have a collection and lost my mind once and sold them!!! Dang! that was dumb!
      Did you notice the fence? It’s really not that green color/they photoshopped that color in! The rest is real though! Enjoy
      Hugs, Stacey

      1. OH, really? I’ll have to look again. I’m ok with them photoshopping me though, LOL as long as I’m taller, thinner and younger looking.

        I’ve sold as few things too that I could kick my self for. Or given them away due to space crunch when we moved. Hopefully they have a good home 😀

        Have you noticed way more traffic on your Blog? I hope so!
        I’m happy your issue is selling like hotcakes 😀 So fun!

      2. Ha, Ha, I asked for the soft, fuzzy filter to be used on any shots of me! I didn’t think about asking to be stretched up a bit!
        The blog has been busy with lots of new visitors to the garden! Everyone has been so sweet, and I am so glad the article and images are being enjoyed by so many.
        Thank you always for your kindness and excitement for me.
        A appreciate the friendship,

  2. I have read the article about 5 times this week, enjoying all the photos, what a great job by all! This is definitely going into my reference file! By the way, I have been to Janesville-I taught a seminar there about 3 years ago.

    1. Linda,
      Thank you so much! It’s certainly still quite unreal to me that my little garden, in this little patch of ground made it to the magazine stands!
      I have kept a binder for many years, of my favorite articles, images, and ideas…it has been an inspiration in the work you see done in the garden–so far! Of coarse, it’s never done!
      A shade and moss little area is planned this year behind the little pond, the front of Rabbit Run Cottage is going to be planted out in perennials, getting rid of the strip of grass (so I don’t have to mow it!)
      etc, etc. Hope you stay in touch and enjoy the garden progress ahead!

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