Mass appeal

Mass appeal

Along the front fence of the kitchen garden Rudbeckia blooms in a mass planting.
The North side of my garden fence has been annuals for a few years now, but I’ve decided to extend the beautiful Brown Eyed Susan’s this Spring.
In my Zone 4 garden this is a happy, well placed perennial. It gives a lot of impact with very little care needed. Rudbeckia tolerates our Summer heat, and very easily is divided or started from scattering dried seeds directly into the ground.
Images from the Summer help me in making decisions about upcoming work needed to be done in the garden.
All gardeners know that a garden is constantly changing.
What plans do you have for your gardens this growing season?

27 thoughts on “Mass appeal

  1. That’s a nice spot for them! I need to replant my strawberries this year. They can apparently survive one summer but not two…or else I missed a step in helping their runners grow strongly enough.

    1. Yes, I do like that I planted them in the front of the greenhouse…it is a splash of color…without being to busy looking! Not one dime was spent on it! All was transplanted from the rest of the garden. 🙂
      I have some work to do in my strawberry patch too, they are so crowded–need to dig some out! Will have to pass on to some garden friends!

  2. I’m going to get myself some Rudbeckia seeds and try this. I guess that’s plan #1 for me. I haven’t been thinking much about the garden, but I need to. I’ll start planning tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration…keep it coming…:)

  3. I love Rudbeckia for the very reasons you gave, and yours are inspiring. I’m not sure what spring will bring this year in our flowerbeds, but I do plan on a few more pots than last year.

  4. I always like the look of mass plantings, but can’t seem to do it in my own garden. I’m thinking of putting in a new bed, but I have to decide if I will have the energy for it:)

    1. This has worked out so well that I just think if I extend the flowers to the North side it will finish off the garden nicely.
      Hope to spend most of my time on a new shade garden area behind my little pond! Started on it last year….so much to do!

  5. I already have my list of what I will be growing and allowed the grandchildren to choose what they want to grow this summer in their garden beds as well. This summer I will be adding color to the shady seating area and am going to try growing a sunflower “house” which will be fun.

  6. I let my Rudbeckia and Monarda fight it out for space, and the Bee Balm seems to be winning…never expected that! We’ll be dividing and moving them around this year…
    Going to do lots of easy annuals for (and with) the grandkids…Does that lovely cockscomb celosia fall into that category? They would love the texture…

    1. As much as I love the celosia–it was difficult to start from seed, didn’t transplant well, and grows slowly! That being said, it’s beautiful flowers are worth the effort. Have you seen the green colored ones? On my seed list!

  7. I just discovered your blog from the Country Gardens magazine that I picked up yesterday at Home Depot. We were there on another gardening project and your article is what made me buy the magazine. I would really like to know more about the auctions you go to and how you find out about them. We used to have one where we live but it has stopped and I really miss the great finds. So thrilled to have your blog to look at now, thanks for the great inspiration.

    1. Shirlene, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog and your sweet comments! I’m so glad you liked the article and it’s such a thrill to know that my garden lends just a little inspiration to the gardening world. Country Gardens magazine is my favorite garden magazine, and to somehow end up in it and on it, are quite a special event for me.
      Local auctions are such fun around here. Local auctioneers have web sites and do advertise in local papers of upcoming auctions.
      Some of our favorite auctions to attend are ones that actually are held at a farm site. In Southern MN we are farming country, and sadly many farms are being sold off–auctions are a way for farmers to sell everything on the property. You have to be willing to spend a whole day, watching, waiting, bidding, losing….but when the treasures you wanted end up in your pile…well, that’s the fun of it!
      Please stop by the garden, as often as you like. I love to chat garden and such anytime!
      All the best,

  8. Stacey, your Rudbeckia are so pretty against the fence. I’ve got a few plants to move this year, with one being an old rudbeckia that is out front and getting shaded out by trees. Hope to finish a path I started on last Fall, need to extend some retaining wall on the slope, make another raised bed for the veggie garden, etc… Just waiting for Spring! 🙂

    1. Thank you Joe,
      Give Rudbeckia a try, I think you will like the fast results in the garden.
      Each season I’m changing things just a bit around here, the fun of the garden….anything can be changed!

  9. Rudbeckia does very well in our summer heat! It’s always been rewarding and I have an eastern facing front flower bed that gets full summer sun. I was planning to double the zinnias and add in some Rudbeckia myself. This is our home’s entrance, and they make such a happy statement! They announce themselves. 🙂

    1. I love that, “they announce themselves.” Perfect description!!
      I will be planting more Zinnia’s too, loved the Cosmos last year, but they got out of control–will be a little more careful where I plant those pretty things! So fun to bounce ideas around!
      Thanks for always stopping by the garden and your sweet comments!

  10. They’re great en-mass aren’t they? I don’t truly have garden plans per say. Unless we find that elusive new home. I’m dead tired for looking already, but the option of continue in the condo isn’t right for us…so we will get are boots on and pull up our britches 😀 Take no prisoners, commando style real estate tactics. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to. I’m living vicariously thru the dirt under YOUR nails, LOL.

    1. Oh, I sure will be posting lots more photos of the greenhouse. The greenhouse and little shed Rabbit Run Cottage are the anchors of the garden so you see them here quite often.
      If you have time to poke around the archives of Down To Earth Digs–you will find lots of images of the greenhouse–inside and out.
      I will most likely to another post soon, with the series of greenhouse building images.
      Are you working on a greenhouse for yourself? I always say–if you wish for a greenhouse–I wish one for you!!!

      1. Yes, a greenhouse is in our future I think. My wife really liked yours – saw it in country gardens magazine. I will look around for more pics. Thanks!

  11. We moved to a newly built house this year and are starting from scratch – Denver to Indy (ZONE 6!!!). I ordered hydrangeas and rhodies already but my seed list is lengthy and planning is overwhelming. We did name it the Vedge Hedge however.

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