A different angle

A different angle

This side of the garden doesn’t get photographed much.
Even this image is from three seasons ago.
The south side of the fence is planted in perennials for a cottage garden effect.
The future plans are to continue expanding the plantings to embrace more of the yard.
Our home will began a renovation project this Spring. In the future we will be opening up walls and creating two openings to the back of the house.
We all ready decided we need to add a gate to this side of the fence!

14 thoughts on “A different angle

  1. How exciting a renovation! We are hoping to make progress on our new back porch – a real door should help. Right now the snow’s blowing in through the screens! I just picked up Country Gardens and read the very nice article about you, and your garden and family. I also resubscribed to the magazine! I can’t wait to see what plantings are along the fence come spring.

  2. I am one of those crazy ones who loves renovations, even ones taking place in my own home. There’s something exciting about seeing the new look and watching it evolve. Good luck with your renovation.

  3. No matter which angle you photograph your greenhouse, it is lovely! I’m going to go and pick up a copy of the magazine this week! Congratulations!

    And it is so exciting that your are renovating! We just finished our home renovations last summer and now I’m just waiting for spring to get my hands out there in the dirt and change it all up!

  4. You are so industrious Stacey :D. I’ve always wanted a rose covered arbour but also loved this from Pinterest yesterday. Maybe it’s more your style (or not), I just loved what they did 😀 Great view! A gate would be another chance to be creative on this side.

  5. Hi Stacy. Do you have any building plans on your greenhouse tat others could use to build one similar to it? It is adorable!



    1. Regina,
      Thank you so much for popping by the garden. I’m sorry, but we don’t have plans available for the greenhouse.
      Since the greenhouse was built with recycled windows, it was built as a custom unit to fit those size windows.
      I did a post a few months back with pictures of the process….I will do another one very soon.
      I will try to answer many of the FYI questions I have been receiving.
      If you have wished for a greenhouse, I wish one for you!! It’s my favorite place to be!!

  6. Perhaps I need to build a fence to delay what seems to be my slow but steady conquest of the lawn, although from your post it sounds like it only delays it 😉

  7. This is an image of a peaceful locale. It appears the vegetation welcomes you and is grateful for a collaborative approach. Along the borders and margins of our cooperative life with plants there are many possibilities. The abundance of habitats in your photograph is surely a reflection of the unity with plants in your imagination. Thank you for sharing this beautiful inner vision. – The Healing Garden gardener

  8. In the January Country Gardens magazine it features your garden just stunning I must say. I recently purchased panels of fencing to line the back side of my flowers and was wondering what color is your fence that’s featured in the magazine on page 81? the color in the magazine looks “greener” than the pictures above. I would luv to paint my fence the color you have it in the Country Gardens MAGAZINE. THANK YOU …

    1. Hello Lori,
      Welcome to the garden! So glad you enjoyed the story in Country Gardens magazine–it was a thrill to be featured by my favorite garden magazine.
      Love the sound of your garden project…fences work so nicely to stop your eye in the garden and frame your gardens.
      I don’t know the color to share with you—because they photoshopped that color onto the fence! The fence is a stone/grey color in real life. Color read to dark for the magazine. They like bright colors on the pages of the magazine, the rest of the colors in my story are all real though! You are not the first person to ask about that color! I’m sure you should be able to find a stain in that vintage green color.
      Hope you have a wonderful garden season!
      Stop back again and let me know how your project comes along.

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