It’s good to have favorites!

It's good to have favorites!

No secret, I do love the Heirloom tomatoes!
I’ve been starting and growing them in my little greenhouse for 5 years now.
Each Spring I put out some little signs along the quiet roads that lead to my garden; and curious, friendly people wander up the long driveway to select some of my little plants.
It’s more for fun than profit–you know, a little seed money!
If you are in need of some Heirloom tomato seeds for your own garden this year, stop by my little Etsy garden store.
Some of my favorite varieties are there for sale.
All of my seeds are from chemical free plants. I harvest them from the best fruit throughout the growing season.

10 thoughts on “It’s good to have favorites!

  1. Love that you have an Etsy store! I must say though, I have had a difficulty starting any tomatoes from seed – over/underwatering I think – and so I usually resort to buying older plants. Any advice on starting from seeds before I venture to Etsy?

    1. Starting seeds can be trying…trial and error here….
      Use a good, light soilless mix.
      Water evenly–spray bottle!
      Use good seeds.
      Most seeds need very warm germination temps. You may need to use a heated germination mat. I actually have a heated room that I use for germination.
      Once those seeds are up they need light!!! A grow light works wonders indoors—get it close to those seedlings. I rotate the trays.
      If you don’t have a grow light find the sunniest window in your house. Keep turning those seeds daily so they grow evenly.
      Touch those little plants, I brush the seedlings gently–several times a day. Helps them grow strong stems.
      When the seedlings grow there 2nd set of real leaves, gently replant them into 3 ” peat pots and sink those seedlings down into the pot with the leaves just above the soil line. Now they will grow
      good roots and be strong little plants!
      Keep them watered but not soaking wet. They should be happy in the 3 ” pot until they are ready to go to the garden.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that you can still grow the varieties they did so long ago. Super fun to spread the joy too, good for you! I bet they never want to leave your garden, do you have people stay way too long? ha

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