Let’s move this thing

Let's move this thing

This little wagon is handy to have around the garden.
When the plants are ready to leave the greenhouse, I can load up the wagon and pull them around to the garden beds.
I made the wagon a little sign, just for fun.

10 thoughts on “Let’s move this thing

    1. So handy, I would love a nice garden industrial one, but those have such a crazy high price tag. This little wagon was a good bargain at a garage sale several years ago! The little wood sides come off too, and I even pull bales of hay down to my horse and donkey with it!

  1. I think that’s an awesome and creative way to add fun to the process. Plus, a vintage one with peeling paint is so much more loveable than a rubbermaid garden cart. I love how you incorporate AND USE vintage in your garden, it’s awesome.

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