Plant peddler

Plant peddler

In just a few short days I will began sowing seeds for the upcoming Spring season.
I always plant way more than I could ever plant into my garden.
You see, when your heating the greenhouse, you may as well fill it full of flats and pots.
Why heat empty shelves!
This leaves me with extras to offer to local gardeners…The Extra Sale.
I found this image from last years sale…pots of freshly sprouted cucumber seedlings.

9 thoughts on “Plant peddler

  1. I’m so unaware of what you experience, Stacey! I never thought about how you’d need to heat the greenhouse! Gracious! Lots to consider when you live in such a cold climate. I’m planning to start my seedlings the third week of this month. We’re out of town over the President’s holiday and when we get back I’m fully committed. I am thrilled to have some of your seeds. 🙂

    1. Zone 4 is a challenge for us gardeners! Winter has been tough this year (as it has for many parts of the country).
      It’s just to cold this year to germinate seeds in the greenhouse–will have to use my grow lights in the basement.
      Each year certainly has it’s trials! Happy trip and happy planting! 🙂

  2. I was rather depressed by the swanky places featured this month…but then I was so excited to read that you had a blog after I read about and looked at your lovely, non-ritzy but DARLING, family home and gardens in “Country Gardens”. Can’t figure out how to follow on wordpress without a wordpress account…But I will be back!

    1. Hello and welcome to the little garden!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It means a lot to me!
      It is quite a thrill to be on the cover of Country Gardens magazine–still quite unreal actually.
      Our gardens and structures certainly are a labor of love and developed with our own hands…I certainly enjoy reading and seeing gardens of all kinds, but I understand what you mean…
      I started my blog, to connect with other gardeners and share ideas…it has become such a creative outlet also.
      I also am on Instagram–Down to earth digs
      I just started facebook–Stacey Weichert
      Pinterest–Down to earth digs (Pssst , you might like my garden pins!)
      🙂 Stacey

  3. Have you ever calculated how much you save by starting your own plants? Having worked in a greenhouse, I know how much goes into planting, watering, heating and then transplanting, pruning, etc. Because of this, I always think the 6 pack starters are a pretty good value. Plus our summers here are so darn short, it’s nice to start with a plant thats a month old or so. I suppose most gardeners might do it just because it’s so much fun. Also you get to have that fab greenhouse structure be part of your glorious garden.

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