Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

A stormy week around the garden.
Monday’s storm left us without power and tree limbs across power lines.
The heavy rains and hail have taken a toll on my sweet little garden.
I know things could be much worse, and after todays storms; tomorrow promises to be a sunshine filled Friday.
Clean up day tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Oh my gosh, sorry to hear you’re battling mother nature. Her supremacy can’t be denied. I hope nothing too tragic has taken a toll. Come on Sunshine. We’re having a rainy day today too. Luckily more sun tomorrow for our move day.

  2. They look so much happier in the vase instead of hanging on the wet ground! Consider rain made it possible to enjoy their appearance and fragrance inside! But I agree we’ve had enough of the moisture already!

  3. And please send those storms to California! We are in severe drought. Fires everywhere. I’ve given up gardening right now and use very little water. People are scrambling for drought tolerant plants. I’m going to see what survives. Then I’ll choose my plants, shrubs, trees and hardscape. Right now, it’s my roses that thrive in the heat and deep watering once a week. Roses are keepers. They will always be a part of my life.

  4. Love the peonies! Mine were short lived this year. Rain took it’s toll on them and they split down the middle even though I thought I had them tied securely. I didn’t even get one bouquet! 😦

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