Glorious Sunshine

Glorious Sunshine

The sun just makes things–better.
A week of storms, damaging winds and more rain than ever recorded in this Counties history.
The garden is slowly recovering, the water soaking in.
What you can’t see in this image; millions of mosquitoes!

11 thoughts on “Glorious Sunshine

    1. Arlene, how sweet of you! And a huge thank you, as the joy I get in gardening is even made greater by sharing the garden through this blog with garden friends. You made my day. Stacey

    1. Karen, Yes, I can safely say, it has weathered the storms quite well, though I certainly have lost some things. Some perennials just couldn’t take the amount of water that fell and pooled at their roots. I hope to visit some garden center sales and fill in as I need to. Loss or opportunity!!
      We are so hoping we can sneak out East this Early Fall….itchy to spend some time in Maine…it’s been to long!

      1. I know what you mean about too much rain. We had the same problem with our gardens two years ago in Maine.

  1. By the way, I think of you everyday when I’m in the garden looking at the tomato plants. I have plants from the seeds I won from you last year and they are doing great. 🙂

    1. Karen you made my day!!!
      It’s all about sharing the love of gardening, and to have connected in some way with fellow gardeners…well, my garden soul is full today!

  2. Drats those wicked beasts. We are starting to get them now too. I tried planting a garden pot after dinner a couple of nights ago and nearly got eaten alive. Have you tried those things that clip onto a belt? I wonder if they work? I bought some nice ‘smelling’ mosquito spray but I still hate using it.

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