On This Side

Unfortunately, with the dry weather, powdery mildew has begun to appear on some of my Bee Balm.

It looks like it will have to be cut back, right before the garden tour this weekend.

I had to take one last picture of this side of the garden.

Tomorrow I will trim it down.

Bee Balm

10 thoughts on “On This Side

  1. How sad! They are beautiful in the picture. That’s the life of a gardener. I’m sure you are quite disappointed but what can one do!

    1. I think both can cause powdery mildew. Watering at night, or leaves staying wet to long also can trigger it. I know they recommend not planting Bee Balm up against fences. Usually we have enough wind. but it has been very calm and humid here–with no rain!

  2. oh what a shame to have to cut it all down. So glad you captured a photo before. I grew Bee Balm in my old garden but it never came back after two years. I wondered if it was a bi-annual? I still have the seeds you sent me. They’re on my Aqua bulletin board in the Boom-Room. I’m hoping they’re are still viable and I’ll now be able to get them going in our new yard. Perhaps I’ll sow some indoors mid spring. Any tips on sowing indoors? Should I soak the seed or anything? Did you enjoy the garden tour day? I bet they wandered around in amazement 😀

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