Cilantro, here we go

Cilantro, here we go

When the cilantro goes to seed, it becomes coriander.
I filled my spice jars for the Winter. How wonderful to see my spice cupboard stocked with many of my own herbs and spices.
The remainder of the seeds were packaged for planting this years garden.
The first round of pots are in the warm greenhouse….
Cilantro tends to bolt quickly, so I will be starting more in a couple of weeks.
My goal is to have Cilantro for most of the Summer.
After all, Summer and salsa go together quite nicely.

11 thoughts on “Cilantro, here we go

    1. Angela,
      This is from a group of about 10 or so plants. Probably the most seeds I have been able to harvest…usually don’t get as many as I did last year. It may be I just caught it at the right time though, before it all dropped to the ground.
      I dry a lot of my herbs….
      If a herb produces seed, I try to save it. Dill, fennel, nasturtium seeds are easy to save and replant the next year.

  1. I was interested to read this first sentence as in New Zealand we call it coriander from start to finish. It took me a long time to realise what Cilantro was when I started reading recipes on the net 🙂

    1. I always run out to early in the Summer, so I’m going to try to keep it going longer. I need to explore some varieties that don’t bolt as early. It’s only been a couple days of nice weather and I’m worried about having enough time to do everything this year!!! 🙂

  2. I love Cilantro and can’t wait to have mine fresh from the garden! I usually don’t save the seeds for Coriander. I let it go to seed right in the garden and then cut the stalks down and weave them on top of the patch where I want Cilantro to grow for the next year. It comes up on its own – one less thing to do in the Spring and the soil isn’t bare over the Winter. I found a good variety from Johnny’s that doesn’t bolt readily, at least for moi, so I am always sure to keep it going.

    1. Thanks for the tip Kathy…I have my Johnny’s catalog right here! I’m actually trying to move the Cilantro from an area that I planted the first year we lived out here. It’s out of place, so I have been harvesting the seeds. It’s going to go to a new area this year back by the greenhouse. Our weather has turned warm just like that! My gardening soul is happy!

  3. I really didn’t know that about cilantro becoming coriander. Very interesting. I just use these things all willy nilly without a 2nd thought. That seems to be a heap of seeds. How many do you put in one pot? Salsa is the one thing I love that has practically no calories….Bonus! It’s the Pinot Grigio that goes with the chips and Salsa that kicks my butt.

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