Some of my vintage garden sprinklers.

Country Gardens Magazine came to visit!

What an amazing experience!

Way back in March, Country Gardens Magazine Editor, James Baggett called to tell me my greenhouse and garden

had been selected to be  photographed for the magazine!

I have loved Country Gardens Magazine for years–and have the stack of back issues to prove it!

James confirmed the dates of their visit earlier this month, and Field Editor Kate Carter-Frederick and I began

a couple weeks of email correspondence.

From her first email, I knew we shared a love of gardening and would become friends.

I knew of her work in Country Gardens Magazine and she is an accomplished writer, and author of many books.

Joining Kate Carter-Frederick, was photographer Karla Conrad and her assistant, Jennifer Caes.

What an amazing team these two were.

Young, enthusiastic, fun, and talented!

They jumped right in, and became a part of the garden for 2 very long days!

and it was HOT!  melting Hot!

Karla Conrad photographing Rabbit Run Cottage. Assistant Jennifer Caes is always nearby, and Kate Carter Frederick overseeing the shots.
Kate Carter Frederick lending a helping hand to Assistant Jennifer Caes.
I learned so much about shade!  Karla Conrad photographer.
Kate Carter Frederick checking the shot that Karla Conrad has set up.
Jennifer Caes is a champion at holding her arms up over her head!
Photographer Karla Conrad photographing my little greenhouse.
Photographer Karla Conrad checking her work! How cute is she?!
The team of Karla Conrad photographer and assistant Jennifer Caes. Jennifer is always running for something– lights, flashes, or moving equipment or power cords!  Sorry, Jennifer, couldn’t resist this one!
Kate Carter Frederick arranging the fire pit logs! Thank you Kate for making everything picture perfect!
Assistant Jennifer Caes, Editor Kate Carter Frederick and Photographer Karla Conrad. Thank you so much you talented women from Country Gardens Magazine.

I so “enjoyed the journey”.

Thank you.