Who Can’t Wait?


The snow has melted enough to uncover grass and ground.

The edges of the raised beds are visible after months of snow cover.

I’m born and raised in Minnesota, so I do know that winter is far from over.

That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the few days,

that the melting sunshine brings the hint of spring to the garden.

27 days to spring!

It’s Nice To Be Invited

It's Nice To Be Invited

I was invited to write a blog post for Gardening Know How!

The Editors let me choose the topic of my choice and I wanted to keep the post true to how I write here.

Garden images and a few words.

A story about how I became the caretaker to these garden trugs.

If you care to leave a comment after you read the story it would be appreciated.




Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

     It’s so hard to choose which varieties will make the grow list each spring.

That’s why the greenhouse will be filled again this year with lots of plants.

Extra, extra sale in May!

Seed To Soil

Seed To Soil

In just a few short weeks, I will start trays of seeds for the next garden season.

This process may just be my favorite part of gardening.  The greenhouse is warm and moisture covers the inside glass, giving almost a watercolor effect to the snowy landscape outside.

Quiet days, filling pots and trays of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

I fill the greenhouse from top to bottom, enough for me, and plenty to offer in a little “Extra Sale”

This year I will also be growing flowers and herbs that will be used in our daughters wedding.