9 thoughts on “Seedlings

    1. Good morning Phyllis,
      Thank you so much for visiting the garden!

      The greenhouse is not insulated…
      The base of the greenhouse is concrete pavers, set into a bed of 6 inches of sand.
      This is a passive way to heat or regulate the temps.
      I also add black buckets filled with water spaced throughout the greenhouse, under benches. Water heats up during the day and helps regulate evening temps. The greenhouse is wired for electricity.
      I use 1 to 3 thermostat controlled heaters. They effectively heat the 10 x 10 greenhouse.
      Cost to heat–varies!!! Last year I was using heat till the end of May!! The year before I was cooling the greenhouse in April!!!
      If you are using the greenhouse to germinate, you must heat to a much warmer temperature.
      I will most likely to a FYI post sometime soon…I love to share about the greenhouse.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and your sweet comment.

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