Beautiful Peonies

Beautiful Peonies

I cut a hand full of Peonies this morning to bring to the house.
How pretty they looked with the morning sunrise highlighting their ruffled petals.
I can’t resist smelling their sweet fragrance every time I walk by.

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Peonies

  1. Soooo pretty. I always had to leave mine on the porch because inevitably a 1/2 dozen ants would crawl out. Do you have that issue? I’ve never found a counter fragrance that is a good match. But yes, I love their gentle scent too.

    1. We have had storms with heavy rain and wind, so I have been watching my peonies, holding my breath they would survive and be able to show their blossoms for the few days they are out! These white flowers were touching the ground so I “saved” them and brought them in to enjoy! More storms expected tonight and tomorrow-might have to go save some more!

  2. The peonies are beautiful. I would love to have peonies in our garden in Maine but the only place sunny enough for them would get the full brunt of the wind coming off the lake.

    1. Yes, the wind can be a problem, every year I remember far to late that I should buy those peony cages! Even in a sheltered spot the wind just loves to lay down the plants.
      The plants don’t have nearly as many buds as they should have–our cold, delayed Spring must be the reason!

      1. My whole garden in Maine isn’t what it should be this year. I think you are right about our spring being the culprit. 😦

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