Eggs in the morning

 Eggs in the morning

Though it is Summer, I have been waking very early.
Tiding up in the morning from kids who stay up later them me, has become my ritual.
Washing the eggs collected the evening before.
I can see from my small kitchen sink window, the scratching chickens in the coop.
The ducks waddle by on their way to the next great rain puddle to bathe in.
Flame grazes in the pasture, raising her beautiful head to listen to a truck drive by on the gravel road.
Jimmy, our sassy little donkey is never far from her side.
I love sunrise on a Summer morning.
Gotta run, Rosie is at the front door for her morning treat!

16 thoughts on “Eggs in the morning

  1. What a peaceful pictures you’ve painted with your words this a.m. You put me right in your kitchen gazing out your window.

    Had to laugh at the kids staying up later than you bit. Sounds quite familiar as the youngest, the son, is a night person. He has learned, though, with his full-time summer internship/job that he needs to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Fun stuff that turning into an adult.

    1. Thank you Audrey–
      I am so inspired by your writing, that that means a lot to me.
      And, I would not want to admit how early I go to bed most nights! It’ tiring tending the garden and petting zoo!

  2. Glorious and a beautiful start to your day. I love that you have a donkey. I read a delightful story about a donkey named Daisy. Her mum paints her hooves with daisies, braids her mane and sticks flowers in and delivers home baked pies and treats in the town they live. Kind of like a lunch truck but oh so much more precious.

    1. I should get to training that silly donkey of mine! I tell him I should use his energy to get some work done!!
      After the first wrestling match with the farrier to trim his hoofs, I’m pretty sure he would not let paint his hoofs!

    1. This past Winter the girls molted (bald chickens in Winter is not good!), and they took a long break from laying. I was forced to buy store eggs–they had no taste! I was never more glad when they starting laying again!

    1. I’m much more a morning person….the sunshine and birds wake be pretty early!
      Eeek, we have all ready had our longest day and now the days are getting shorter!!!
      I’m still struggling with the fact that Spring didn’t even show up this year!

      1. Our whole bedroom is solid windows so the sun is my alarm clock if the birds haven’t started chirping first…which they usually do. The weather this year has been so strange…I just took the feather comforter off the bed in Maine two days ago. Now we are having a heatwave and afternoon storms. My poor tomato plants!

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