Just a little dash

Just a little dash

I love when I can just snip a few fresh Herbs right from the garden.
I have been sprinkling Thyme on everything from sandwiches to roasted sweet corn.
These little ironstone butter pats are perfect for holding herbs for meal time.

9 thoughts on “Just a little dash

  1. I love smelling the herbs too. Brushing past them while weeding or picking bouquets of rosemary, lavender and thyme…I can just smell them thinking about it… Love the fabric you used in the photo, is it burlap?

    1. Aww, we think alike!
      The fabric is a wonderful piece of old linen, it looks rustic but it is soft as butter. I have a weakness for old linen.
      I should do a post sometime on my linens…

      1. Yes, do, please. I have an old piece of linen, and it has a beautiful embroidery design on it made with tiny wooden beads. I’m not sure where it came from…something handed down to me from my mother. I’ll try getting a photo of it on my next post. Just wish I could take pictures like yours… 🙂

    1. Lucy, now 11 (the baby of the family!), knows all the Herbs! I’m sure she will have a garden of her own some day!
      Love that darn Ironstone! I scored an unbelievable set of Ironstone a couple of weeks ago at a local thrift store, and not kidding that same day dropped my largest old platter and broke it!
      It’s still sitting here in 3 pieces, I can’t bear to throw it away!

    1. I love Cilantro! I love it in tacos, taco salad, salsa, I even use it in brown rice to give it a fresh flavor. I chop it small, and I usually get away with everyone eating it. Some members of my family are not fans of Cilantro, so if it’s small they thinks it’s Parsley!
      Cilantro bolts fast, especially in the heat. If you let it go to seed, you will have lots and lots of Cilantro next Spring! And you can collect the seeds and dry them–then you will have Coriander for the spice cupboard.
      Geez, I used to teach classes up at Shotwell Floral in Fargo, ND. Can you tell “Herbs” was my favorite topic!

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