Fresh Herbs, how I miss you during the long Winter.
Can’t wait for you to come back!

20 thoughts on “Herbs

    1. Welcome Ruth,
      Thank you so much for swinging by the garden. Glad you enjoyed the article. What a thrill to have had the team from Country Gardens travel here to my little garden. The experience was amazing, and the bonus of ending up in a magazine, let alone the cover.
      Well, I’ve just been floating around here!
      My blog is just a quick stop, an image and a few words….a place for me to share the garden with gardeners like yourself!
      Hugs, Stacey

  1. So green….sigh…I think the abnormal cold got my rosemary. If the thyme dies too, I may cry…
    Got my hands on the Magazine yesterday…Nice article, but you take much better photos than the ones they put in! 🙂

    1. I’m sure my Foxgloves won’t survive this extreme cold. I’m all ready pushing the Zone 5 Biennial…..in my Zone 4 garden.
      Let me know on your Thyme, I saved lots of seed this year…I’ll share!
      Glad you found a copy–it’s been slowly making it’s way to the magazine racks across the country!
      Your so sweet!
      Stay warm garden friend,

  2. Looks so tasty! Now I am thinking about all my beautiful parsley and thyme buried under the snow and ice … and the potatoes I didn’t harvest, and the Celeriac and I didn’t have nearly enough basil this year for pesto – also out! Nice Sage! I haven’t had luck overwintering Sage in my garden here in Clayton NY Z4 – in Maine I had a beautiful patch – go figure! I moved it to a nice dry location but it didn’t come back, again. This season I am going to try it in pots and overwinter it indoors with the Rosemary. I usually let my Cilantro go to seed and then layer it like a mulch where I want it to be for next season – it always seeds itself come Spring. Ah, Spring!

    1. My Sage seems to be pretty hardy, but this Winter will be very telling for lots of the perennials! My Cilantro has spread around in some of the flower beds, and I love the scent and texture it adds…I collected the seeds this past Fall…so I’m going to start seeds throughout the Summer–so I will have more Cilantro for cooking. My family doesn’t love Cilantro, but I do.
      I love chatting about Herbs….

    1. Welcome to the garden, Marsha!!
      Pinch me! Still hard to believe my little garden ended up in my favorite garden magazine. Kate Carter Frederick did an amazing job telling the story of our garden.


  3. My favourite Herb is Basil. I put it in practically every thing we eat. I just love the way it smells in the oven the minute it gets warm. Especially on Pizza. The Del Coronado Hotel on Coronado Island (San Diego) actually has a beautiful Herb garden on site right next to the ocean. So beautiful and fresh. Your’s look super healthy.

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