Astilbe-Cotton Candy


This just might be my favorite spot in my garden right now!

On This Side

Unfortunately, with the dry weather, powdery mildew has begun to appear on some of my Bee Balm.

It looks like it will have to be cut back, right before the garden tour this weekend.

I had to take one last picture of this side of the garden.

Tomorrow I will trim it down.

Bee Balm

Garden Goals

The last couple of growing seasons, I have worked on adding daylily’s to the perennial garden.

This year I’m seeing the benefit of that decision.

Tooting my own horn!

More daylily's!
More daylily’s!

Here And There

Here And There

The flowers are showing off in some areas of the garden.
This splash of white Clematis I have grown to really anticipate each year.
An unknown variety, it is usually the kick off for blossoms around Rabbit Run Cottage.